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Every event is unique- like us!

Our bubble waffles are made of 30 delicious hand crafted bubbles and are truly a treat for your taste buds. They are crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and can be served with 100's of variations of toppings.

We serve ours from a stylish renovated horse box we bought in 2017, all because of an obsession which started in Guangzhou in China, of all places. This was during the last week of our travels in Asia when we stumbled across a bubble waffle shop with queues that long they were blocking other vendors. "Must be something good' we thought and after waiting for an hour we had our order and we hooked. Soon after returning we started setting out our own bubble waffle catering business. 

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Bubble Waffles

It's what's on the inside that counts

Bubble waffles are a native street food in Hong Kong and Macau and often referred to as egg waffles, egg puffs or Hong Kong waffles.

​Our menu combines fresh, new, and exotic ingredients to create bubble waffles the way you like them! The recipe for our waffles is a twist on the classic bubble waffles served in China as a popular street food. We have a large variety of toppings and our fresh ingredients are always local and seasonal. 

Our ice cream flavours take you all the way to The Philippines where we fell in love with the purple Ube flavour. 'Oo-bay' as it is pronounced is a purple yam which is a popular dessert flavouring in The Philippines. You may have seen it on Instagram where it is known for its velveteen purple colour or read about its fantastic taste often compared to pistachio, vanilla, white chocolate and coconut. It. is. a. must. try.

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